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Meet Vivi & Markus

Vivi Andermatt Coach

Vivi Andermatt is a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated Reiki Master, and insightful entrepreneurship maven whose journey is a rich mosaic of Colombian vibrance and Swiss precision. Residing by the stunning shores of Lake Léman in Geneva, Vivi's life is a testament to the harmonious blend of diverse cultures and the pursuit of holistic well-being.

Roots and Education

Born with the rhythm of Cali, Colombia in her heart, Vivi's early years were steeped in a culture known for its passion and vitality. It was here that she first embarked on her academic journey, earning a degree in Business Administration, which laid the foundation for her business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Driven by a desire to broaden her horizons, Vivi embarked on a journey to Switzerland. There, she found herself captivated by the intellectual vibrancy of the University of Fribourg. Immerse in the city's enchanting historic ambiance, she embarked on a Law degree, seeking to expand her analytical prowess and deepen her comprehension of the legal frameworks that form the bedrock of the business realm



In the shadows of a tumultuous childhood marked by family dysfunction and Colombia's 70s and 80s conflicts, she found her way. With a father battling bipolar disorder and narcissism, and a resilient yet courageous entrepreneur mother, she faced extreme physical and psychological challenges. From a once timid child, she emerged transformed, embodying empathy and inner strength. Today, she's a confident woman, drawing from chaos to guide others, turning past pain into a bridge to healing and empowerment. Demonstrating that even in the darkest times, endurance and resilience endure, her mother's legacy of strength and independence lives on.

Spiritual Awakening

While her academic pursuits shaped her mind, it was Vivi's profound spiritual awakening that guided her soul. Embracing the tranquil energy of Reiki, she dedicated over a decade to mastering this healing art, eventually emerging as a Reiki Master. This spiritual dimension became the cornerstone of her philosophy, blending seamlessly with her professional life.

Professional Alchemy

Vivi established Geneva Helper in the vibrant city of Geneva, which serves as a global hub for diplomacy and cultural diversity. This administrative outsourcing agency is a testament to her exceptional talent for seamlessly blending the realms of administration and business with her unparalleled communication skills.

Thought Leadership

Vivi is renowned for her exceptional coaching skills, guiding entrepreneurs in launching and nurturing successful businesses. With her comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape, empathy, and strategic insight, she provides invaluable mentorship. Vivi's holistic and tailored approach ensures a strong business foundation aligned with personal values and vision.

Integrating Reiki wisdom with sharp business acumen, Vivi creates a unique coaching environment. Entrepreneurs under her guidance navigate business complexities with clarity and purpose. Through mentorship, they harness passion, effectively direct energy, and create thriving businesses economically and ethically.

Guidance and Impact

Beyond her business, Vivi is deeply committed to mentoring both entrepreneurship minds and spiritual seekers. She is a catalyst for change, inspiring her mentees to integrate their own cultural and spiritual identities into their careers. Vivi embodies the principle that the best leaders are also perpetual students, always open to growth and new perspectives.

Living with Purpose

Geneva serves as the perfect backdrop for Vivi's multifaceted life, where the serene waters of Lake Léman reflect her calm yet profound approach to life. Here, she finds daily inspiration and a constant reminder of the fluidity and depth that characterize her personal and professional journey.

Vivi Andermatt's story is one of convergence—where the heart of Colombia meets the soul of Switzerland, where precision  and business converge with spirituality, and where every endeavor is undertaken with intention and integrity.

Currently, Vivi dedicates her efforts to mentoring professionals and entrepreneurs, guiding them towards fulfillment and success in crucial aspects of their lives. With over 30 years of professional experience and more than 12 years as an entrepreneur, she offers valuable insights. She firmly believes that when faced with challenges like loss, separation, burnout, or career setbacks, a holistic recalibration of one's life is imperative. 


To support this metamorphosis, she have developed the Metanoia program—a six-month journey that encourages a dramatic shift in thinking and actions, inviting transformation under the guidance of a higher power rather than a mere return to the straight and narrow. 


True change affects all facets of life, from vitality, relationships, and finances to professional pursuits and spiritual growth. Are you poised to begin this profound journey of personal and professional transformation with her?



Meet Markus my
canin assistant

Meet Markus, my globetrotting canine assistant and leadership maestro. Born in the Russian snow, raised under the Guadeloupe sun, and finally passing through Paris; this strategic furry friend has now settled his bowl in Geneva.


In the office, Markus does more than just wag his tail. He is the pulsating heart of my marketing and the velvet paw of customer relations. With his impeccable flair for opportunities and knack for pressure-free coaching, he is the leadership coach who will give you advice on networks.


Able to uncover hidden potential and teach the art of leading with serenity, Markus is more than just a companion: he is by my side, your next guide to success. Let yourself be charmed by his playful and insightful approach to business.


Looking for results with a bite? Follow Markus' advice on Facebook.

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